May 27, 2011

My list of things I'm happy about:

I'm going to make coconut lime semifreddo this weekend.
I'm writing a story about a girl whose brother drowns.
I finished writing a story from the perspective of the character David in my published piece "Almost There."
My next next-door neighbor's house is being attacked by bees. (I'm not happy about this. I feel bad for him, but wanted to include it in the list as something interesting.) I have never seen a swarm so intense and unrelenting.
One of my favorite former students graduated from Five Towns last weekend. And although he invited me, I wasn't able to make it. But I'm so proud of him.
I went to buy iced coffee from Bakeway - one of my favorite places in Astoria - with my friend Karen who I think is awesome.

The theme of tomorrow's list.... TBA.