June 29th

* Newsflash!! - I may be starting a reading series in Astoria that will (hopefully) begin in September. I will be inviting writers to submit their work for the series. Ten minutes per author, 6 - 8 authors will read for the evening.

Questions I want answers to (in order of importance from least to most):

What are my plans for tonight?
Is it bad to want to hire a person to clean the house even though I have off for the summer?
Why are some of my plants dying?
Am I mildly allergic to goat cheese or clam strips? (I had both last night and felt a tightness in my chest.)
Should I treat mean people fairly?

June 1st

Things I detest:

The feeling of dread
A recipe that requires more work than necessary, and tastes terrible
People who aren't straight-forward
People who constantly ask me if I'm mad at them
Right before the end of something great

Things I will always look forward to:

A new good book
My husband coming home (even if he went around the corner to buy bananas)
Making apple butter
Starting a new story
Getting rejection letters (that one is too long to explain)